Knitting and yarn and traveling….

So, I went to New Jersey for a few days. Those of you that are Facebook friends know that I was helping out with my sister’s kids. I also got to participate in a concert in Connecticut, that I’ll post about separately.

Because I was taki g care of little people (and changing diapers!!!),I didn’t have a ton of knitting time, but there’s always the airport and the plane ride….

With as much unknitting and reknitting as I’ve done, I should be halfway through the second sock. As it is, I’m just finishing up the ribbing at the top of this first one.


It has issues, but im no longer worrying about those problems and am moving onl partly because the challenge I’ve set requires me to finish the pair by the end of the month. I have a lot of knitting to do in the next ten days….

I also have to resist a lot of temptation, because one of the things we did when my mom flew out (we traded places….) was to go to a knitting store and buy more yarn…



The store is Do Ewe Knit, and it is a nice little shop. Cute place, yummy yarn, very friendly owner. Mom wanted to show off a shawl she had made with yarn she had purchased at the shop last time she was visiting, but the shawl was in her luggage, which had taken a side trip to Houston. (She did get it back safely…)

I was gone for a week, and apparently I’m expected to feed the hungry monsters that live here ( “That’s why you came home, right?”), so I’d better get on that….