Happy New Year, 2013

new-year-13-bannerThis week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic was “books I resolve to read in 2013” — and honestly, I feel like between posting about the classics I’m going to read this year, or the books I’m anticipating,or the fact that my year long Goodreads goal is 120 books — it’s pretty obvious I’m going to read a lot…picking out just 10 of what I want to read is a drop in the bucket.

I’m also not going to spend any time making resolutions. Experience has told me that I last maybe a week. And the whole “pick a word” thing — I like the idea, but it always seem false, or forced when I try to do it. I also have to guard against wanting to do all the things all at once. In theory, I could be doing a daily photo, daily readings in about 4 different books that I thought looked good, and this other thing and that one too. And pretty soon I won’t be doing any of them, beating myself up for failure. Which is stupid.

Mostly, in 2013, I’d like to aim for healthier habits. Physically and mentally.

Making good choices and choosing kind.

And continuing to enjoy watching these turkeys grow up. 2013 is the year they’ll start high school. That’s insanity. Seriously.




Happy New Year! I hope it is all that you hope it to be.