#weverb12 : 2 {live}

Prompt number two is:

What movie did you see this year that you would recommend to a friend?

Yikes. Movies? I’ve been thinking about books so much lately, I can’t even hardly remember what movies I’ve watched, let alone what I might recommend! I’m not even sure what the last movie I saw in our theatre was — nothing that they’ve had has appealed to me lately, or…I couldn’t go anyway for whatever reason. And at this point, I really truly couldn’t tell you the last time we went to a theatre and paid full price for a ticket! (Although, I’m pretty sure I’m going to insist on seeing The Hobbit in a first-run theatre, because I’m not waiting for it to MAYBE come to town…)

The interesting thing is that, I *know* for sure what books I’ve read this year, because I’ve been religious about posting them to Goodreads. Movies? I’ve seen movies. Lots of them. But I’m drawing a complete blank!

Quickly does some Internet research and….

Well, duh. I’m going to have to say The Avengers.

I know. Everyone’s probably already seen it, but….

My inner-13-year old boy loved this one immensely. The story, the action. Great fun.

My outer-40-year-old woman didn’t mind the great-looking cast…