#weverb12 19: exercise {LIVE}

Yes, I’m totally skipping #17 and #18, of the #weverb prompts.  I figure I’d better if I have any chance of catching up. They weren’t speaking to me, anyway, so…moving on…

How did you live actively in 2012? What will you change in 2013?

If you look up “sedentary” in the dictionary, you will find my picture.

When we went on our summer vacation in 2010, I knew months in advance that we would be doing a lot of hiking, so I got working on exercising, building up some strength, losing some weight. I was so glad I did. I could tell that the hiking would have been so much harder if I hadn’t made that attempt.

And then I just stopped. Oh sure, I’ve tried again once or twice, but I’m lazy and it annoys me. Not enough to do anything about it, obviously, but something’s got to change. Part of my problem is that I overdo, it hurts, and then I stop.

Maybe in 2013, I will learn from some of those past lessons.

And if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish eating my ice cream.

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