Thank Goodness It’s December, because, frankly, November was kind of a terrible month.  Glad to have it behind me. Not that I’m really ready for it to be December and almost Christmas and almost 2013.

I’m feeling a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t write more than about 1000 words of fiction towards Nanowrimo. Oh sure, there was the plague that completely wiped me out for 3.5 days: days that I still think the universe owes me, but I don’t think I’m getting back. And even now, three weeks later, I’ve still got drainage, and if I talk for too long, my voice goes weird. (At least I haven’t gotten sick again…knock on wood…a number of people are on round 2 of the crud…).

Getting knocked back like that really took the wind out of my sails as far as writing goes. For awhile there, I could barely stay awake, let alone want to think and be creative. So I read. A lot. But even if I knew I wasn’t going to make it to 50,000 words and “win” the Nanowrimo challenge, that wasn’t the point: working towards a writing habit is the goal, and I wish I had tried a little harder to achieve that.

December is a new month, and I’m going to try again. Not a specific word goal, per se, but a daily goal of doing something.

Writers write. Right?

(Yes, I did just say that. Sorry.)

But first, I might have to read a bit. I’m at a good part of my current book. Ha.

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  1. Tessa says:

    I only managed about 7,000 words on Nanaowrimo which for me is very good. I also have excuses, who doesn’t? My mind was swiss cheese due to one of the medications I was on and am now off. I couldn’t type or write a cohesive sentence. Good luck on whatever daily challenge you decided to take on!

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