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Quite some time ago (2009!), I wrote a blog post about something foolish that my boys had done, and titled the post “Stupid Things Boys Do.” (The whole story is really kind of funny, the gist is that the boys picked up some glass bottles and tried to play baseball with them. Didn’t work very well. No one got hurt.)

I don’t pay a lot of attention to my blog stats, but nearly every time I look, the search term “stupid things boys do” shows up in my stats. Also popular “why do boys do stupid things.”

In fact, after my own name “Stupid Things Boys Do” is the most popular search that leads people to my blog. Of all time.

In fact, when I just now Googled that term: my silly blog post is the THIRD result. Seriously.

I only bring this up because a few days ago, that post received it’s first comment in several years (which is funny, when you consider how many people have viewed it, but whatever). This brilliant comment read:

that was stupid i thought this was a web site.

So, dear reader who was disappointed in my post, um, I’m not sorry, because I really don’t know what your problem is. I deleted your comment because it was stupid.

And to the rest of you who Google that term, I’ve often wondered:

  1. Are you a boy looking for ideas? If so, please don’t try playing baseball with glass bottles. Or anything else really stupid. Go read a book. It’s much safer.
  2. Are you a parent of a boy who does stupid things? If so, you have my sympathy. Luckily, mine don’t do very many stupid things, and the ones they do haven’t been too dangerous. It gets better and worse as they get older. Their brains are more developed, but eventually they will have access to the car keys.
  3. And for those of you wondering WHY boys do stupid things…you’re kidding right? They are boys. It’s in the operating manual.

And if MY boys are reading this, yes, I know. Stupid is a bad word, and we don’t allow it in this house. Except when that thing you did was really, you know…STUPID.

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  1. myolivebranch says:

    Love it. My most often viewed/searched post is titled “chubby white legs” it is several years old and still get comments-most of which get deleted because well …you know…they are stupid.

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