Summer vacation, day 6

So, I was working on photos, thinking I was on the day we spent in Page, AZ, when I realized that I had skipped a whole day. Which means I had to go back and work on the photos from Mesa Verde National Park, but I still have the photos from Page ready…so…I just as well get this post done, too. Because next up: the Grand Canyon.

(To catch up: days 1 and 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5.)

I forgot to mention in the post for Day 5 that when we arrived in Page, we went looking for supper, and none of the things we were interested in (like a Pizza Hut) were available, so we ended up deciding to take a chance on a place called the Dam Bar & Grille. It was totally worth it. I still don’t know where my notes are and what any of us actually ate, but I’m guessing Will ate a cheeseburger.

We also got confused by the fact that the time zones in that part of the country are a little weird, so we though it was 9:00p, and it was really only 8:00p. Only our bodies said it was 9:00p.

But that was still on Day 5, and this is supposed to be about Day 6.

Now, keep in mind that we ate at a place who’s name includes the word “dam” and we were planning on visiting a Dam, and I’m with Will, Joe, and Mark, and you can just guess how many times we had to make “dam” jokes whilst in Page, AZ. When you are in the vicinity of a dam, you can add the word “dam” to almost any sentence, and get away with it, because you aren’t actually swearing. You are just saying the word “dam.” Right?


Glen Canyon Dam. We had stopped here on our 2010 trip, but couldn’t take the tour — a storm was coming and they cancelled the last tour of the day. We got to the visitor’s center right away in the morning and pretty much walked right in to the tour line, no waiting. The Dam itself is a pretty amazing place.

Glen Canyon Dam #1

It’s also not without controversy, as the dam created Lake Powell, and changed the nature of the Colorado River through the entire region. Glen Canyon itself has disappeared into Lake Powell, and the Colorado is a completely different river. For one thing, the water flowing out of the Glen Canyon Dam is about 50 degrees year round. As we would discover the next day, that is REALLY COLD WATER.

We also did some hiking around Page, so that we could see some of Lake Powell. The color of the water is just unbelievable.

Lake Powell in the background

On the way out of Page, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend. The pictures we took don’t do it justice:

Horseshoe Bend #2

I also got to take two of my favorite pictures of all time. The boys were playing with my fisheye lens:

Will, Fisheyed

Joe, fisheyed

And after that, we headed towards Marble Canyon and our last night in a real bed for a week!

Food and Accommodations: Again, notebook is missing…but if I recall correctly, we splurged on a McDonald’s breakfast which was absolutely outrageously overpriced…we enjoyed the Courtyard in Page, and the Marble Canyon Lodge is dated, but clean. The food at their restaurant was super yummy. Just a bar and grill kind of place, pretty sure Will had his last cheeseburger before we left civilization….

Other photos from Day 6:

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