Summer Vacation, Day 5

I decided it was finally time to get back to trying to finish up these posts, especially since I haven’t even gotten to our Grand Canyon trip, yet.

To refresh your memory: days 1 and 2, day 3, day 4.

At the moment, my notebook with all of our vacation notes has decided to put itself somewhere really safe. I think I have a fairly decent handle on the day, which was spent at Mesa Verde National Park.

If you recall, we drive in to the park in the dark, and didn’t really know what to expect when we woke up. We were pleased to discover that it was quite a beautiful, if somewhat strange landscape, and we definitely enjoyed our day.

One of the things that *I* was most fascinated by, was the sky. I mean, yes, I see the sky all the time, but out in Colorado and Arizona, it seemed different.

The sky at Mesa Verde NP

We bought tickets to tour Cliff Palace, and on our way that direction, we stopped at Spruce Tree House and a number of overlooks. I’m not going to pull out any pictures in particular, just shared the gallery of some of the better pictures we took. (Some were by me, some by Mark).

After we had seen as much as we could in the time we had, we headed off towards Page, AZ. We had about 4 hours of driving to get done in the afternoon, so we couldn’t hang around. This is another place that deserves more time, but we were glad we stopped and had a taste of it.

 [AFG_gallery id=’61’]

Food and Accommodation Report: 

Without my notes, it’s hard for me to be specific. Nothing special to report about…

Our hotel this night was the Courtyard by Marriott in Page. Probably the most expensive hotel we stayed out, not least because we fell in love with the shower heads in the bathroom (well, I did, I don’t know about anyone else…). We recently purchased the Speakman Anystream model used by Marriott to replace the shower heads in our house (which needed to be replaced anyway…)