More quilt content

Two of the four quilts I worked on in the past week are already gone and left my possession unphotographed. I showed off the ladybug/cherry quilt for Chloe yesterday, now today, I’ll show off the 4th quilt, a baby quilt that a very patient customer made.Laundry Day, full shot

The pattern is “Laundry Day” by Sandra Workman. The original pattern has the laundry as 3-dimensional objects, but as this is intended for a baby, my customer opted to applique everything down.

Border detail

Part of the reason this sat unquilted for awhile was because I started the borders with a much more complicated freehand pattern and hated it. And did more of it than I should have, even though I knew I hated it. Don’t you hate that?

I had to unstitch an entire border, and then decided to go with a real simple ribbon.

More detail

Swirls in the sky and just a tiny meander in the “grass.”

It’s a super cute quilt, and I’m glad to be sending it on its way back to its owner who has a new grandbaby coming soon.

Thus endeth the quilt content for the time being. Now, to figure out what knitting I’m taking on vacation. That’s the most important thing to pack, right? Along with making sure I have plenty of books loaded on my Nook.


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