Miles, Quilt Inspector

Miles, Quilt Inspector

He wasn’t entirely sure he was allowed to be here, checking out the quilt.

I got the impression he approved, but was confused. He thought quilts were squishier. I had to explain the different steps of quiltmaking to him.

He just swished his tail at me.


  1. Janine Smith says:

    I love your quilt top! Is this somethng new you just finished? Looks very Christmas-y to me. I’m looking forward to making a Christmas quilt this year. I hope I can fit it in.

  2. Cynthia says:

    See. You do remember how to make a quilt top. Now let’s see if you remember how to quilt it! We’re looking forward to the “finished product”.
    Pretty pattern and colors. Amazing how quickly it went together once you got started.

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