The cutting of the fabric

Fabric selection, part II, plus cutting

Yesterday’s stack of fabric has been edited — I made an actual plan (yesterday’s fabric was just pulled with no pre-existing plan in place…) and as a result, some fabric had to go, and a bunch more had to be added (I think there are 11 different greens and about the same number of reds…)

I was a little nervous handling the rotary cutter for the first time in just about forever, but it was like riding a bike, I guess. I finished the cutting tonight, but now it’s time for bed…the boys had their second track meet tonight and we didn’t get home until almost 9PM. Tomorrow is another track meet, so I’m guessing the sewing machine won’t get turned on until Thursday at the earliest.

What’s a few more days, when it hasn’t been used in a coon’s age, right?


  1. Kathy E. says:

    HAHA! I thought “coon’s age” was strictly a very deep South term! We use it a lot in Louisiana, but I never thought about the rest of the US using it. Of course, we are over-run with coons down here. And it makes me wonder… just how DO they determine what constitutes a “coon’s age” and why is it a metaphor for a long time? Inquiring minds want to know. Happy sewing, whenever it does finally occur!

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