Is it summer yet?

Remember back in 2010, when we went on an amazing family vacation to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas? When I only every managed to post pictures from the first 4 or 5 days and totally left you hanging about the coolest parts of our trip?

When we went rafting on the Colorado River and camped under the stars?

Oh, wait, that’s the part I never posted about.

Well, we did. And we went to the Grand Canyon (North and South Rims) and this man decided that some day, he needed to make it to the bottom, and he was dragging the rest of us with him.

Well, some day is in July, because we are going on a Grand Canyon rafting adventure. 6 days and 5 nights. (And even though the trip is 3 months away, he’s already talking about how some day after this trip, he’ll want to HIKE to the bottom.)

This is where you imagine me alternately waving my hands and screaming in delight and wringing them in consternation that I could have agreed to this scheme.

And then you can imagine me realizing: “Crap, this means I really need to work on getting in shape.”

I guess it’s good to have a goal.