Today’s photo prompt was Rolled — a tongue | a towel | a yoga mat

February 7 - Rolled

Even though they are twins, and people have trouble telling them apart at times, the boys are not identical. Will can roll his tongue, but Joe cannot. I wanted Joe to stick his tongue out at his brother, but he had a better idea: he suggested that he ROLL his eyes, which was an accurate representation of his opinion of the situation…

This cracked me up, and I thought it deserved an actual blog post.

So there you go: if you forget about Joe’s mole, you can check if they can roll their tongues. Will (with the double L’s, which match the L’s in roll) can do it, Joe cannot.

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  1. Diana W. says:

    No fair! I remember about Joe’s mole and always feel a bit smug when I can confidently say, “that is Will and that is Joe” Besides, how often are they going to show off their rolling tongue or rolling eyes….wait, ..yeah, never mind.

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