One pair down, eleven to go…

Considering the fact that this pair was underway before the month started, I might have a bit of trouble with this whole “12 pairs of socks in 2012” thing. In my defense, though, these socks are not small:

Those are size 14 feet, and that little wad of yarn? That’s the 7 yards left of the 405 yard skein that I started with.

The yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in Schwarzwald, a sock club color from last year. The pattern is Blunnie Socks, but modified: I did these toe-up, instead of cuff-down, and I made the legs quite a bit longer than the pattern called for. Mark’s feet are long, but they are narrow, very little meat on them (or on his ankles). But his ankle depth is enough that the cuff-down sock that was narrow enough for his ankles was too tight to go over his heels. He thought I was a bit nuts in wanting to switch and go toe-up, but the proof is in the pudding: I was able to do the narrow ankle, so the socks will stay up, but I used a stretchy bindoff that fits over his heels.

That’s the only finished picture I have of them, the man put them on and won’t take them back off.

Now to decide which socks to work on next…


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