Joe in Black and White

Today’s photo is of Joe (well, and of Will too, but he’s all blurry in the background…)

He’s a pretty good looking kid, isn’t he? I was amazed that he let me take his picture, and he just looked at me…sort of…naturally! No goofy faces, no cheesy smiles, no frowns…

This isn’t where the picture started, though. Straight out of camera it looked like this:

I was resting the camera on the back of the couch, and didn’t realize that the couch cushion was in the way.

I cropped it, and this is better:

But the color is obviously off, those blinds in the back are WHITE, not yellow!

So, we click on the trusty eyedropper in Adobe Lightroom and voila:

Well, crap. The color is “correct” — but now Joe’s face is BLUE — thanks to the fact that he is actually being lit by his computer laptop screen. Now, if the screen were in the shot, I might be inclined to go with it, since it would tell a story about Joe being at his computer, etc, but since you can’t see the computer…he just looks…wrong…

So: time to play with the black and white conversion. This is definitely a subjective process, but I’m pretty happy with how this looks:

Like I said: good-looking kid! And there’s another one just like him. (Sort of…LOL)