I’m supposed to be doing some bookkeeping

Which is why my desk is clean, my studio is in the process of getting straightened up and I just sewed buttons on a sweater for my newest niece.


The biggest question is — why do I have so many empty Netflix envelopes? All of the Netflix discs have gotten returned, and I didn’t think we doubled up that many discs when sending them back…Nevertheless, I just uncovered 3 empty envelopes. Weird.

I am so embarassed by my messy studio, that I refuse to show a before picture. It’s that bad.

Frankly, it’s got a ways to go before I can even think about showing an after shot. It’s that bad.

It’s part of the reason why there is zero quilting going on around here (you had noticed that I haven’t talked about quilting in months, right?). My studio is pretty much unusable as anything other than a place to stash stuff. Oh sure, I have to keep a path clear to the bathroom, because it’s the bathroom that Mark and I use, and yes, there is a path clear to my desk, since that’s where my computer lives, but the piles have given birth to piles. I had pretty much lost all of my scissors and seam rippers, and you know it’s bad when you can’t find any of the 10 or more pairs of scissors that you own.

But as I said, I’m supposed to be doing some bookkeeping, so that we can get the taxes done sooner than April 15th.

Which is why my studio urgently needed to be straightened up today.

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  1. marcella says:

    Well the sweater is lovely and you can’t procrastinate on that because children have a way of growing really quickly. The mess, however, will always wait for you 🙂

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