Sock of the Month Club

Last year, I did the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club.

It was awesome.

It was also expensive. In a “worth every penny” kind of way, but still. I’ve decided this year, to do my own Sock of the Month Club.

January 1 -- 12 Pairs of Socks

As you can see, some of what I’m planning to work on has already been started, (2 are leftover from last year’s sock club…), it felt arbitrary to try to impose “rules” on myself like “it has to be new or it doesn’t count” — the idea is to make things, not make myself crazy. Most of the socks I’ve made have been for myself, because frankly, I’ve not been willing to spend that much time and money on socks for other people’s feet, however, my feet are big and socks that fit take awhile, so I’m looking at making some of these for other people. Maybe.

Clockwise starting in the bottom right corner:

  1. The skein of Opal yarn is the very last of the stock that I had. Oddly, I have never made any socks using Opal, even though we had a ton of it in the store.
  2. Same for that hand-painted Wildfoote yarn.
  3. The Socks that Rock in the front does have a designated pattern, Slip Jig.
  4. The green next to it matches the sweater I made.
  5. I’m debating about dyeing that white yarn, not sure I want to actually make white socks. It, too, is the last skein of that variety from the shop.
  6. The flag colored yarn — I ordered two skeins and have already made myself a pair of socks. Someone else will get these, not sure who.
  7. The blue matches a sweater that is in progress.
  8. The first Blueberry Bubbles sock is done. It’s super cute, but it’s too big. Have considered ripping it out and starting over.
  9. The Ella Rae Lace merino socks: the first is done, but has issues. The yarn is so yummy. It’s just a simple slip stitch pattern that I made up on my own.
  10. Another made-up pattern, I started and restarted socks with that Noro yarn about 10 times. I think I’m past the heel on the first one.
  11. Mark’s gigantic socks, these are a sock club entry, the pattern is called Blunnie Socks and are designed to mimic a boot made in Australia. The pattern was written cuff-down, but Mark’s feet and ankles required me to modify the plan and I am knitting toe-up instead.  Eight inches of the second foot down, 4 to go.
  12. The final sock club entry of 2011, this yarn is just delicious. Unfortunately, it’s pooling in an unattractive way, plus I have had trouble with the heel, so I think I’m going to restart this yarn with a different pattern.
So, that’s the plan. I’m willing to be flexible with the plan, and if someone wanted to spend $255 on a 2012 Sock Club membership for me, I wouldn’t turn it down. Maybe I can find that much change in the couch? No?