My daily perspective

Because I know you are all just dying to see what my office looks like:


I think I need a fresh flower budget. Or at the very least, I probably could use a live plant, I suppose. Assuming I could keep a plant alive.

Why, yes, it is a bit snug and cozy. Some might even call it claustrophobic.

Some days, heck, some weeks! — being the school secretary is really wild and I wonder what I’ve gotten myself in to, but for the most part, I’m really enjoying my job. I try to remind myself every day, that for some students (and even teachers…) I might be the only smiling face they see that day, so I try really hard to be friendly, even to the ones that I would like to give the stink eye.

I wait until they are gone to make my angry face…

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  1. Carl Smeigh says:

    Suzanne, It may be small in size, but large in power and as we can see well organized, neat and clean. A good role model to everyone. Dad

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