Forget about socks

Instead of a sock of the month club, I’m thinking maybe I need a baby sweater of the month club.

Autumn Leaves by Nikki Van De Car

Needs buttons, but the knitting is all done. The yarn is superwash wool, and is a really pretty handpainted red — it has some pinks and oranges in it, but it does not want to photograph well. It’s like it freaked the camera out.

That sweater is the Puerperium Cardigan. Not that you notice the sweater, due to the extreme cuteness of my newest niece. My brother, sister, and I have 9 kids between us, and I might be biased, but we wound up with an awfully good-looking crew. They are all smart and polite and talented, too.


  1. floribunda says:

    too cute, Suzanne! My oldest nephew is about to have twins, so I’m working on the first of two Baby Surprise Jackets — have you made one of those? I’m using sport-weight wool so it’s a little slower than I had hoped…

  2. Carl Smeigh says:

    I agree with your comment on the attributes of the 9 kids in the family. Only part I have trouble with is that there are 9 of them…. NINE grand kids. Got a big smile on my face. Dad

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