Let me be clear…

The boys each have a laptop, an iPod, a Nintendo DS, and our family has a Wii and a PS3.  They are so far away from deprived, they wouldn’t know deprivation if it came up and punched them in the nose.

They are not UNgrateful, but we could all work on being more thankful for what we have, and understanding how lucky we really are. Mark and I have talked about finding volunteer opportunities for the whole family, but sadly, that has been more talk than actual action. The boys have had a few opportunities lately to be useful to other people, and it’s been good for them. We’ll keep working on that.

If you really want to feel sorry for someone, pity this guy:

He crawled under the covers and started attacking my legs and feet. I pulled him out and wouldn’t let him back in. Talk about a meanie.

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