I’m a Rebel

There has been a distinct lack of photography around here, which will now change, thanks to my pets.

My Sony DSLR had something wrong with it, and additional lenses were hard to find and really expensive, and then the battery died and I couldn’t find the charger and…that was about a year ago.
The Canon waterproof camera that I got to take on our rafting trip (vote for us!) works great in full sun, but…not so much indoors.
I’ve had a hard time justifying a new camera, though, and part of the problem is that it the choices! Nikon! Canon! 18 bazillion different models!
I think Mark got tired of wiping the drool off the cameras every time we went shopping. When we were at Sam’s Club before Christmas, we stood looking at the display of bundles they had available. He pointed at one “Is that the one you want?” (There were two Canon choices…)
“Uh, or that one…or not…I don’t know…”
And then he went back later and picked one. Or at least I assume he did, but the label said it was from Katie, Cocoa and Miles, and I don’t think any of them have their driver’s licenses. Or a credit card. Or opposable thumbs, you know, for wrapping and so forth.
The bottom line is that Mama has a new camera and she’s just thrilled with it. (It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T3)
As you could tell in yesterday’s post, the reaction from my models is less than enthusiastic. Thankfully, I had several other models who were happy to pose while I tried out some different settings yesterday:
The jewelry sits still, too.
Oh, and the cookies. The cookies are pretty well-behaved as well.
Mmmmmmm…..cookies…..gotta go………….

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