I left the camera in the car

The quilt I posted yesterday was made for my cousin’s new baby. Mom and I decided on Thursday to visit him this weekend, and I couldn’t show up empty-handed, thus the creation of a baby quilt in a 2 days. This young man was a whopping 10 pounds when he was born, and was 10 days early to boot! I got to give him a bottle, and even though he sucked the whole thing down, he did it mostly asleep, as he’d apparently been up all night long. Silly boy.

I was really proud of myself for throwing my camera in my bag before I left the house, so I could take a picture of him with his new quilt. As you can guess from my post title, this did not happen, as the camera stayed out in the car the whole time, and I didn’t think of it again until we were leaving. Oops. Maybe his mommy will send me a picture I can share.

In addition to visiting, the other big thing I did today was SHOP: Christmas shopping from the comfort of my own home. Hallelujah. Amazon.com, NFL.com, MLB.com: I love you. Plus, some of it is shipping directly to the recipients, so it won’t sit in my house until March, until I finally get around to shipping it. I have a genetic problem with mailing gift packages…

When I was younger, we’d make a family trip on Black Friday out to the Crystal Mall in Waterford, CT, just to browse and watch the people. Maybe go see a movie, but I have to tell you: I have absolutely no interest in participating in the madness that has become Black Friday. I did support a local business on Small Business Saturday, and bought some jewelry that Mark will give me for Christmas, and I like this Cyber Monday stuff that starts on Sunday…

I have to be careful, though, when we Christmas shop TOO early, we end up CONTINUING to shop, spending way too much. There’s something be said to waiting until the last minute…

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Finished? Started? Are you in denial?

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  1. Deb Levy says:

    good to see you back…

    the earlier post with Miles is adorable…he knows how to promote the cute kitty life.

    getting the camera inside and actually taking the photos of events…that’s my problem too. I’m going home this next week for a big event…I’m packing my camera…hope I remember to take it out and use it!

    Don’t hold your breath though….

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