Hello World

When you haven’t posted on your blog in awhile, it’s hard to know where to start when you think you want to post again. Do you fill in and explain where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing? Do you pretend you weren’t gone and just start posting? Do you try for cleverness? Do you worry that no one even noticed that it’s been 2 months since you last posted?

I know!

You post a picture of a cute cat. On a cute quilt. A quilt that you made in two days.

The first quilt you’ve made in far longer than you would like to admit.

I realized yesterday that the only pictures I’ve taken in the last month or more are of the vandalism that someone perpetrated on some of the props and scenery for the high school musical. There’s something wrong with that. And not just the fact that there was vandalism.

I decided to remedy the picture-taking situation, and thankfully the cat was super cute. The boys were just disheveled and gave me dirty looks, so I won’t bother perpetrating their silliness upon my poor blog readers.

This is the first quilt that I’ve made since Miles joined us, and I already knew that he liked my batting, but the instant this quilt went down on the ground!!! Holy Hannah, you’d have thought there was catnip in it the way the cat started rolling around on it. He has found his true calling, and quilt inspecting is it.

I hope to have some more quilts for him to inspect int he coming weeks and months. I have to do a lot of excavating in my studio to (a) find room to work in and (b) find things to work on. When I was working on this baby quilt, Mark wandered through and said, nonchalantly, “What-cha doing?” — as if he didn’t want to potentially frighten me away from continuing to work. I felt the same way, frankly. I don’t know if I’m all the way back or not, but the fabric and partially finished quilts surrounding me are suggesting that I’d better get my rear in gear before the fabric starts to expire.


  1. Kathy says:

    Yes, I knew you were among the missing bloggers. However, since I’m an “on and off” blogger myself, I didn’t think I should throw stones. Decided instead to wait patiently for your return. Welcome Back, I missed you, your family and your quilting.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Welcome back. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been now that you are working at the school. Miles is still very cute. But, he’s all grown up. He looks wonderful on those bright colors.

  3. Becky Purcell says:

    I was missing you but thought you were super busy now that you were working full time! Glad you are back!!

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