Mid month update

I haven’t been posting much because frankly, I can only say “Wow, I’m tired” or “Holy cow, my job is busy” so many times. It’s all true, but it doesn’t make for interesting blog fodder.

I did get to use my Mom voice today: some students were in the detention room working on an assignment, and I could hear an awful lot of talking. So…I walked around the corner and of course they all startled when I walked in. “Aren’t you supposed to be working on something?”

“Uh, yeah…”

“Well, I hear any awful lot of talking and if you are talking you aren’t working so…please get back to work…”

It was a tiny bit quieter after that…

Tonight I dragged myself on to the treadmill and managed to run for 25 minutes straight. I was feeling pretty good about this, until I discovered that now, apparently, the people that designed the running schedule I’m following have decided that because I ran 25 minutes in a row ONCE, they think I should do it ALL the time. The next three runs are 25 minutes…and then they think I’m going to do 28! And 30! Ack!

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