Sanding and Varnishing and The Cello Song

This summer is going to be remembered as the summer of the eternal sanding. Thankfully, though, we are close enough to the end that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not a train.

I hope.

We applied coat number THREE of the varnish tonight. I’m getting so good at it, you’d all be quite impressed, I’m sure. Because we have more than an hour or two in between coats, we have to sand lightly each time. Thankfully, the boys have just come along with me and done it, and haven’t complained. If they had, they would have gotten a pretty impressive lecture about how much more work I’ve done and if they want to whine about an hour of sanding, they can just go ahead and try.

We are pretty sure that tomorrow will be the FOURTH and FINAL coat and then!!!! Well, then we have to clean, but THEN!!!! Mom gets to move in to her new house, finally. It’s been…two and a half months that she has had to live with us and put up with our habits and have her stuff stored in boxes in our garage and her garage and everywhere else.

I have to be honest, we are going to miss having her here, but it will good for all of us to get back to normal. Or at least, whatever it is that passes for normal.

Once we do get the sanding done, and some clean up done, I’m going to have to post some pictures of the house, befores and afters, so I can have written proof of what we did, as well as to prove that I haven’t been quilting for a really good reason.

And then, hopefully, I might get some actual quilting done again this century.

In the meantime, I want to share another video. I first learned of this amazing cellist from his work with an amazing pianist named Jon Schmidt. As a pianist, I’m in awe of Schmidt’s talent, but I have to be honest, I was more fascinated by the cellist, Steven Sharp Nelson, and what he was doing with his cellos.  I didn’t know they even made electric cellos, let alone that you could make them do the things he makes them do.

If you go visit his website, you should check out his other videos.


  1. Floribunda says:

    I love that he wears a whole rainbow of shirts! My MIL is a cellist, so I’ll have to make sure she sees this. Thanks

  2. Mary Ann says:

    seems crazy I know, but I think the reason I haven’t stopped by the house to admire the floors in the last couple days is that I’m a bit sad that the saga is almost over. Seeing them will make it real. I’ve been impatient, but I’ve gotten to enjoy the craziness of family life, meals together, movie nights… Sniff, I’m actually going to miss being here.

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