Post-football practice, pre-supper conversation

Mom: What are you interested in for supper tonight?
Joe: Food. Lots of it.

School started a week ago – everyone seems to be getting along OK, so far. The biggest change so far is after school football practice: the boys don’t generally get home until 6:30/6:45 these days.

They did comb their hair. Sort of.

2010 on the left, 2011 on the right.

I get to start a new adventure tomorrow, too. I have to put on make-up and do my hair and wear nice clothes. Every day. What was I thinking???

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  1. shirley bruner says:

    you need to feed those boys food….lots of it. LOL they are like sticks. look at those skinny legs. they play football??? they better run fast or they will get hurt. enjoy your new adventure.

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