I’m starting to repeat myself

I just spent 15 minutes working on a post, only to discover that I’ve already posted about the socks that I was going to share, and I was going to use the same exact picture. Only one sock was done at the time, the pair is now complete, though it will be some time before I get to actually wear them, since we are a ways away from sock weather around here.

I just hope Miles outgrows his need to try to nip at my feet and climb my legs by the time I have wool socks on, because someone is NOT going to last long if he messes up my handknit socks.

I’ve been sitting here for a ridiculously long time trying to think of something else interesting to blog about, and I’ve got nothing.

So, to apologize for this rambling bit of nonsense, here’s another cat picture, from June, when Miles was still floofy. I can’t believe how much bigger he is now, and how sleek he is. Mark made a comment tonight about how yesterday Miles looked like maybe he’d forgotten to take a shower, his fur was all blech, but today, he’s back to looking sleek and clean again. I guess we all let our personal hygiene go, too, when we aren’t feeling good.

I wish I knew where he lost that blue collar.  It disappeared, probably not long after this picture and has been replaced by a red one.



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