I’ll complain if I want to

The other day I was reading a blog post about that listed some “summer don’ts” — and the number one item on the list was “Don’t Complain About Being Hot.”  The author’s point was that if “you” complained all winter long about being cold, and now that it’s hot, “you” need to shut up and enjoy it.


I have to say that in my case, that misses the point of the complaining.  When I was complaining about being cold, it wasn’t that I wanted to be HOT, it was that I wanted to be NOT COLD. <— There’s a difference.

Now that it’s HOT (and trust me, we went from COLD to HOT with no in-between…), I want to be NOT HOT.

I was so freaking hot yesterday, that I actually laid down on the hard wood floor in the kitchen ostensibly to play with the kitten, when in fact, what I was doing was laying in front of the air conditioning vent.  The kitten ran away after about 20 seconds.  I stayed put.

also at least partly the fact that it’s so darned humid.  And the pollen count is up and the grass pollen in June is a close second to Ragweed in August for my allergies, so, yes, I’m just a bundle of joy this week.

Oh, and we still have no news on when the closing on mom’s new house is going to take place…tomorrow is 2 weeks since we were supposed to close…

I think I’m going to go pet the cat and see if I can choose joy over all of this complaining.

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  1. TerriW says:

    Yep, hot here in Michigan, too! I got tickets for an outdoor concert and I was so excited that it would be early June( tomorrow!) so it should not be unreasonably hot…forecast for tomorrow is 92…dammit!

    cute kitty!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Miley looks like he’s made of elastic. Maybe he melted in the heat? Thank G. for A/C, yes? People lived (and died) without A/C in the not so distant past.

  3. helen hubert says:

    Hah – you think you’re hot now. Wait ’till menopause hits. You’ll find yourself laying on floors in strange places and whippin’ your shirt off to quilt half naked. Only when there is no one around, of course. 🙂

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