I. Made. A. Sweater.

Look, look, look!!!!

I made a SWEATER.

That FITS.

It still needs blocking, the lace on the sleeves and the hem is all scrunched up funny, but LOOK!!!!

Isn’t it pretty?

Too bad it’s 80 bazillion degrees today.

All of the yarn/needle/pattern details are on its Ravelry Project Page.

The yarn color is truest in the first picture, but even that isn’t doing it any kind of justice.  It’s a very pretty deep green.  Yum.

Now.  What sweater am I going to make next???


  1. tirane93 says:

    you go girl! that sweater came out great. keep up the good work! (and blocking is a pain in the butt but definitely worth doing)

  2. Cynthia says:

    It really came out terrific. I was thinking orange or red. But, dark green is nice. Looks just like the pattern picture. Good job!
    Now more pics of Miley, please.

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