I might have made a lace shawl


I wasn’t ever going to make lace shawls.

I wasn’t ever going to make socks, either, so…

The pattern is Arroyo, it’s actually worsted weight yarn, (Cascade 220 Heathers, to be exact).  I learned a lot, and am glad I started with thicker yarn.


So, yeah, I loved the lace portion.  The garter stitch short rows were just something to be endured so that I could finish.

But I might have started a second lace shawl before I was finished with this one.


It might be out of fingering weight yarn and I might be crazy enough to have decided to try beading my knitting, too.

But surely I’m not that crazy, right?  Right?




  1. Becky Purcell says:

    Impressive work!! I love lace..doilies, shawls, table toppers..you name it! It just reminds me of old Victorian Days…so formal!! I actually have an antique lace bedspread along with the satin under cover..all for a full size bed…beautiful!

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