OH Look

I *do* know how to turn on my sewing machine.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use my AccuQuilter Go Cutter very well — my squares were not very square. I’m pretty sure I could have rotary cut them more accurately, but I’m 100% positive that is user error, not a problem with the cutter.

Before I use it again, I will actually watch the instructional videos, instead of just leaping in with no clue.


  1. Mary says:

    I borrowed an AccuQuilter Go from a friend and found that the blocks were much more accurate if I put a piece of paper between the fabric and the cutting mat that goes on top. I was cutting tumblers and the length differed by as much as 1/4″. Good luck.

  2. Diana W. says:

    Two things I have found that helps with accuracy. After pre cutting your pieces to the correct size and before loading onto cutter, starch and press again. Also, I only load two or three layers at a time and once the die “catches” and you can pull the die through just cranking, put your hand on top of the plastic mat and smooth as you crank so the fabric doesn’t lift up and “fold or crease” for the lack of a better word. All that prep time usually means you could have gotten farther along in your quilt had you cut them by hand. The odd shaped dies are really the ones that benefit from the GO cutter ( apple, drunkard’s path, tumbler, and applique dies) Good luck. Even though it is more work initially, I LOVE my GO cutter!

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