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I try not to pay too much attention to my blog stats, but I do like to peek at the search terms that bring me the occasional visitor.  The number one search term:  my name,  spelled correctly.  Number 3 on the list is…my name, but with the last name spelled incorrectly (Earley has an EY at the end.  But hey, at least you’ve found me, right?)

Number 2 on the list, though, it cracks me up.

“Stupid Things Boys Do”

I just Googled that phrase, and apparently a post I wrote in May 2009 is the 3rd listing for that search phrase.  I had forgotten that story, it was worth the read for a bit of a giggle.

I can only assume that people Googling that phrase have boys of their own that have done something stupid.  Or maybe it’s boys who are looking for stupid things to do?  If it’s the former:  good luck, you have my sympathy.  If it’s the latter:  dudes, don’t play baseball with glass bottles.  And try not to be too stupid, K?


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  1. debby brown says:

    Funny! One of the most popular searches that bring people to my site is “she beat up my boyfriend”. I know why I wrote a post about that, but I can’t fathom why people are typing that phrase into google.

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