Knitting for small people

I was sick earlier in the month, and I spent a ridiculous number of days in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy and knitting.  It was all I was capable of doing.  I’d get up and try to be human, and then shortly thereafter I’d find myself wandering back to bed.  It was all upper respiratory, and it wiped me right out.  I kept thinking that I was being very unproductive, but in reality:  I got a lot (a LOT!) of knitting done:

This is not an accurate representation of the color, it is a much prettier purple.  This dress is Hannah’s, it was for her birthday.  It was DONE on her birthday, however she didn’t receive it until this week.  I’m happy to report that it does actually FIT, which seems like a miracle, since I was winging it, based on measurements my sister sent me.  It matches the dress that I made for the knitted mouse doll that my Mom made for her.  I hope to share a picture of the girl and her mouse and all of their knitted apparel soon, I’m waiting for my sister to get out their good camera, and for the girl to actually cooperate.

(The pattern I used is Cali Cargo Dress, I modified the neck and the hemline to make them match the doll dress).

Next up, a diaper cover for the littlest niece (who is, scarily enough, approaching her 1st birthday awfully fast…), who wears cloth diapers and needs cute knitted wool diaper covers:

How cute is that???  I even broke out the crochet hook and dragged some crochet skillz out of the back of my brain for the edging on the ruffle.  This picture is prior to the addition of some ribbing on the leg openings.  I’m a little nervous about the fit on this, as well, and hope it’s close.  It knitted up pretty quickly, so once we get a verdict on fit, the pattern I used has a gazillion variations of skirts for the outside, and I think I’ll need to make some more of these adorable things!

There was also a pair of mittens for Mark in amongst all of that knitting for small people.  I forgot to take a picture before he took possession, and I can’t find them at the moment, he hid them from me.  At least I hope they are hidden.  He better not have lost them!  Not that he would.  His children, on the other hand?  I wouldn’t put it past them.  A lot of my mental energy lately has been sucked up by dealing with pre-teen nonsense.  At the end of the day, my children are good kids.  I know this.  But in the middle of the day when I’ve asked them a thousand times to do something and they look at me like I am speaking in tongues and have horns sprouting from my head, it’s probably no surprise that I like and need knitting so much lately.

Knitting doesn’t talk back and it does what I tell it to do.  And it turns into beautiful, useful objects.  My 11 year old children are not proving to be very useful at the moment.


  1. Deb Levy says:

    Those are just too cute!

    The pre-teen boys….I’d love to tell you it’s gets better; and it does, really it does…when they are about 30.

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