Early morning conversation

Mark gets up at the crack of dawn to exercise, and then after his shower he comes back to our room to finish getting dressed, gather up his electronic goodies, blow his nose (Every.  Morning.  He blows his nose while standing right next to me.  Don’t ask me why…), and kiss his wife (on the forehead) goodbye.  Sometimes he tries to talk to me, but this is fairly useless, because…well, at 6:30AM, I am, frankly, useless.

This morning, I heard him come in the room, but continued to snooze until he started talking and I heard:

mumble mumble Found bag of Hershey Kisses mumble mumble mumble mumble Tore hole in bag, started to eat all of them

Now you have to understand that (a) I was still mostly asleep and (b) on Sunday, we had had a discussion about needing Hershey Kisses to make some more peanut blossoms, only we didn’t have any more Hershey Kisses, at least none that I knew of.  So, instead, he baked a gazillion cookies out of the frozen cookie dough we had in the freezer.

However, I interpreted Mark’s statement as “I found a bag of Hershey Kisses” and I assumed that the continued mumble mumble mumble was him asking me to make cookies, to which I was going to have to say “Hell to the no, you have a bazillion fresh cookies to eat!”

And then my brain caught up with the rest of what it had heard and couldn’t make sense of why he would have ripped a hole in the bag and started gobbling them up.

At which point, I was thoroughly awake and made him start over.

Unfortunately, what he had actually been telling me was that Katie had found a plastic baggie of Hershey Kisses and had ripped a hole in the baggie and had been eating as many Hershey Kisses (wrapper and all) as she could before discovery occurred.  Luckily she didn’t get very many, but I knew enough about the dangers of dogs and chocolate to be worried, and yes, I’ve been watching her like a hawk all day:  she appears to be fine.  Maybe the foil wrappers counteracted the chocolate.  (Actually, after Googling, it would seem that it probably wasn’t enough chocolate to be harmful to her).

What pisses me off is that I know exactly where she found it, and I had even tried to make sure the bag that it was in was out of her reach the other day, but apparently this weekend, I had forgotten that there was Kisses in the bag, and left it on the floor for her to find.  It would have been much more logical for me to actually pull the Kisses out and put them in the kitchen (so us humans could eat them), rather than leave them where they were.  Some day, I’m going to learn.  Hopefully it’s soon.

Also, some day, Mark will learn to make sure I’m awake before he starts talking to me.  I’m also not sure why he thinks I’m going to actually remember anything he says to me, since I usually fall back asleep anyway.

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  1. TerriW says:

    Oh, Katy…how could she resist? Our golden ate a half batch of chocolate chip cookies once…she had to have worked in cahoots with the cat because there was no way she could have reached them without help…vet said keep an eye on her. That dog had energy to spare for about 24 hours!

  2. Peggy says:

    This all sounded so similar ro our house. My husband leaves about 6 am. He usually wakes me enough to get a kiss and maybe a run down of the day, but then he leaves. Lately I have been getting up because I am on anti-biotics due to a cat scratch on my eye lid (5 Stitches) and must eat breakfast. Today I didn’t need to be in town until my 3pm DR appointment so I laid back down after eating. I woke up when DH came home at 11 am. and he woke me up.

  3. helen-mary says:

    Our dog got into a bag of chocolate that DH left on the floor. I didn’t know about it until I found the huge pile of dark brown dog puke on the mauve wool carpet. sigh.

  4. Freda Henderson says:

    Glad Katie is alright. My brothers dog ate about a half of a roll of thin mint girl scout cookies and started having seizures. Needless to say it was a fast trip to er vet in the middle of the night. She recovered and wasn’t give thin mints anymore!

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