And you thought MY feet were big…

Flying to New Jersey and hanging out with my sister and her family made for lots of knitting time.  My flag striped socks got finished.  Aren’t they great?  I love them.  Although, I didn’t realize until I took these pictures that the legs aren’t quite the same length.  Sheesh.  Oh well.  Close enough.

I knew I’d finish the 2nd sock, so I took plenty of backup knitting, so I would have choices, and my choice was to start a pair of socks for my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Dude’s got big feet.

I’m working on the first heel, and yes:  that’s how much knitting I have been able to do since Monday.  I have felt that my knitting speed had recently increased to a point where I felt like I could make socks for a size 14 foot and feel like I was knitting for eternity…

Unfortunately, I had plenty of knitting time yesterday:  I spent many hours in an airport, although, thankfully, not as many as was threatened.  My 12:15 flight out of Chicago got canceled, thanks to terrible visibility in Cedar Rapids.  I found this out at 11AM when I landed, and was headed towards my next gate.  There were tears.

There were even more tears when I was informed that I was confirmed on a flight leaving at 9:50PM, but was on stand-by for earlier flights. Thankfully (thankfully!!!) I was the last lucky person to sneak onto a 3:15 flight.  Which they then said was going to be a 5:15 flight, but which miraculously turned into a 3:45 flight.

The most miraculous thing was that my checked luggage was actually on the plane with me, too.

See, I packed my purse in my luggage, since I didn’t need it on the plane — I just threw my wallet into my carry-on bag.

Only, it didn’t occur to me that my CAR KEYS were in my purse.


Note to self:  DO NOT PACK YOUR CAR KEYS IN YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE EVER AGAIN.  Next time, you probably won’t be so lucky.

Speaking of lucky:  I was pretty lucky to get to hang out with my 3-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew for a few days.  I was especially lucky that they shared their cold with me.  (That might have had an impact on how many tears there were yesterday at the airport:  spending the day stuck in an airport with a cold wasn’t high on my list of Fun Things To Do…)

One of the things I got to do was go visit a yarn store (like I need more yarn, right?) and now, between that and the sock club I signed up for…I have yarn for my next THREE pairs of socks.  (I tried to get pictures of the yarn but none of them turned out.  Too blurry.  I’ll try again in better light tomorrow…)

Oh, and I have two socks in progress (from different pairs).  I’d better go get knitting.

I’m thinking maybe Mark’s red socks need to be shorty socks, don’t you?


  1. Cynthia says:

    Suzanne, That red yarn is gorgeous. Make them knee highs!! I’m ready for some more of your quilting. You are such an inspiration.

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