Moving On

No burned food today:  we ate leftover ham, so no opportunity to screw anything up.

I was hoping to get the Super Secret Quilt done, but my border problems caused me to step back and realize that I really need to get some customer quilts done, so it’s been pulled off while I ponder and this quilt is now finished:

The color is not true, its much deeper and richer in person.  The fabric is not Cherrywood, but it’s something similar.  Very yummy.

And thanks to some late night knitting sessions, I’m racing through my hat.  Hats!  Faster than socks, really practical, and tons of options:  I see more knitted hats in my future.  I refuse to hand-knit socks for people:  if I’m going to go that much work, I want to wear them, but hats?  Not that I know that many people that actually need hats.


Hats in every color of the rainbow, to suit my mood and/or outfit.  Plus, if I have lots of knitted hats, maybe I can actually find one when I need one.


  1. Kay in Scotland.....The Borderline Quilter says:

    It’s minus 15 degrees celsius here…I think I need a hat…lol…!

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