I’m still alive

Well, apparently I dramatically exaggerated my potential early death from the crud because (a) I’m still alive and (b) I don’t actually have the crud, which is weird, since I was sneezing so much.  Maybe I scared the cold away.

Or maybe it really was rogue ragweed?

I can finally show off these quilts I’ve been working on, these are gifts for their teachers.  You’ll note that they are fraternal twins, just like the boys.

The pattern is from the Terry Atkinson book Happy Hour.  Super simple, but very effective.  I had the penguin fabric at the shop in the two colorways, I debated between something Christmas-y like this, or just plain everyday fabric, and the boys had no opinion — so I made Mark decide.  He liked the penguins, so away I went.  I didn’t have enough of any one red to do the blue quilt with just 2 fabrics, and I didn’t have enough different greens to make the green and red quilt scrappy-ish, and I wasn’t going to go BUY anymore fabric…

I took these pictures in a  hurry this morning before delivering them, so there aren’t that many pictures, and they don’t look that great, but there’s not much to see.  I used a computerized pattern from Anne Bright called Christmas Snow.  It is VERY dense, but the snowflakes are gorgeous.  I used Hobbs wool, and washed the quilts, which is why they are both so crinkly already:

If I had a longer throat on my longarm, I would have done this pattern even bigger, but I ran out of room.

For those who are wondering, yes, I have made quilts for the boys’ teachers every year since kindergarten.  That’s it, though.  I’ve always said I was only doing them through elementary, so this is the last Christmas when I’ll be scurrying at the last minute, even though I’ve known for a year that I’ll need another pair of quilts for teachers…

Now, to finish a lap quilt for one of my niece’s before Friday (piece of cake) and to try to finish Mark’s scarf by Saturday (mmmm….I have at least 12 more inches to go, but I stayed up until 1 AM and got 8 inches done last night, so I’m thinking it might be possible…)

Of course, I could always still get the crud, and he’s been complaining about a stomach bug, which he’d better not share, so I’m not going to get too overly confident on this one.

I may have to wrap up a scarf with the needle and ball of yarn still attached, but that would be par for the course around here…


  1. Vicki W says:

    Glad you aren’t doing teacher quilts anymore – high school would be a bear! What great gifts though. As for friends and family. Ha! I’m making my brother’s gifts this week so they will have them by New Year. My BFF and I have gotten to the point where we just try to have Christmas by March 1.

  2. Terri Smeigh says:

    I love your quilts! You do beautiful work! And the socks were a pretty color. Reading your posts was very entertaining as well. So glad you don’t have the CRUD LOL!

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