Christmas journal so far

I’ve taken some pics of the physical journal in progress and uploaded them to Flickr.  I had purchased a “Christmas Art Journal” from Evalicious (which are sold out, but you can still see them at that link), so a lot of the paper I’m using is from that.  I’m using some overlays designed by Ali Edwards, which I’m printing on matte photo paper.  The library card that I’m using for journaling is a freebie that I found here, I modified it in Photoshop to add the red December “stamp.”

A lot of my photos are either going to be taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, or I’m using my “real” camera (which I found…) and using some kind of an action to “age” them — the photos for the 4th are modified using the Seventies action from The Pioneer Woman.

I’m trying not to be too precious about this project — not agonizing over choices, just picking things up and doing.  Now that I have figured out what I’m doing, and have done some prep, I can take as little or as long as I like with each day.

Some of the “topics” for each day are from the Journal Your Christmas class by Shimelle.  Once you have paid for the class, you are in it forever, and she keeps updating and changing it every year.  There is a lot of inspiration.  Some of the prompts aren’t interesting to me or don’t apply or whatever — so those days, I’m just doing whatever I want, in this case…the treadmill just got set up, so this seemed like a good day to talk about our early Christmas presents…

And yes, I asked for a treadmill for Christmas.  But dang!!  You have to be coordinated and concentrate when you are on that.  I hope I don’t hurt myself….