Just an update

There are probably only about 2 of you that care, but here’s an update from my post from Thursday:

1.  Lego League mock competition:  the project presentation was awesome:  they blew away the judges.  They had 2 interviews that went well, but we have some thing to talk about.  The robot portion of the evening was a disappointment, but that was mostly because we found out that we have been doing something wrong:  and that had a significant impact on the functionality of the kids programming.  Three weeks until the real competition, so they should just be fine.

2.  The North Tama Redhawk football team WON the state championship.  43-34.  They came back from a 20-0 deficit, and I’m sure the other team thought they pretty much had it wrapped up by the 2nd quarter.  This is the first state title in a boys’ sport in school history, so it’s pretty exciting.

And for the other 2 of you that were interested in my Nanowrimo participation:  I’m currently at 30,474 words, which is a little short of where I should be, but:  thanks to items number 1 and 2, no writing was accomplished yesterday, and I’ve still been recovering today.  And now I’m going to go see Secretariat, so I’ll probably have quite a bit of catching up to do tomorrow…


  1. Deb says:

    I’m glad they won. If they hadn’t then canceling school and closing businesses would have seemed a little silly I bet.

    So cool their interviews went well. Glad you figured the robot stuff out now!

  2. Kay in Scotland.....The Borderline Quilter says:

    Wow, you are so busy right now with all your other interests…Do you feel stretched…I often do…..I know you are still around but no wonder we all miss you!!

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