Even more quilting!

I know:  two posts in a row about QUILTING, it’s just crazy.

This is another repeat for my MQResource friends, but I think it’s worth it, it’s so cute:

ON this one, I tried to do the bows freehand and the one I did was…hooboy, it stank.  Partly because I just charged right in and didn’t actually draw it out first (I know, duh!), but partly because bows aren’t my thing — I’ve tried them before and haven’t been happy. Instead:  I let my Intelliquilter do the work on this one.  The design is from Designs by Vickie, with some modifications that I made (cutting and pasting the streamers so there were 4 and it was centered).  Could I, with practice and thought have done this freehand? Maybe.  But there were 42 blocks, and…I was happy to let IQ take this one for me…


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