Back to what passes for normal

My brain was consumed by South Pacific, but after this past weekend, I get to have my brain back, so I can hyper-focus on something else, instead.

The kids did great, they had a good time, and their audiences enjoyed them.  Quite a bit of the experience of preparing a show is pretty frustrating, but it’s so much fun to see the characters show up on stage (as opposed to a bunch of crazy kids standing up there reading lines).  It’s also great fun to see enthusiastic teenage boys singing their hearts out.  “There is Nothing Like a Dame” was probably my favorite part of the show:  because they were having so much stinking fun singing it.

This is my third high school musical as an accompanist.  I’m glad I get to do this, but darn it, I want to be on stage.  Mark thought maybe I wanted to go BACK to high school, so I could be in a musical.  Um.  No.  Been there, done that, glad  I escaped…but darn it, I wanted to be Nellie!!

The previous groups I have worked with…the kids were appreciative of my what I was doing, but this cast was a lot more demonstrative with their appreciation.   Hugs and high fives and stuff.  They understood that without an accompanist that could follow along when one of the girls came in too soon and we had to skip 2 whole pages of a song: that their show wouldn’t have gone quiet as smoothly.

At any rate, it’s officially over now, and I am trying to scrub my brain of South Pacific music — though I will probably start sining snatches of it at odd moments for many weeks.  My poor family.  I try not to let my inner soundtrack leak out too often, but sometimes I can’t help it.

Now, it’s time to get caught back on the quilting, and the website stuff and the house.  Heaven help me:  my house is a pit.  And I’m pretty sure we desperately need groceries.  Like I said:  what passes for normal…

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