That’s the sound of:

(a) Time passing while I was having fun.
(b) Time passing while I wasn’t having fun.
(c) The freaking wind that’s been blowing for the last bazillion days.
(d) All of the Above

And the answer, of course, would be (d).

First, the fun: running/walking in the Race for the Cure — my official time was 49:40 — and it was slightly longer than a 5K. Out of 910 timed finishers, I was 535th. Go me! If I hadn’t stopped to use the porta-potty, or try to get a rock out of my shoe, I might have finished…505th!  More importantly, I raised $849, and that’s really all that matters.  (And there’s still time to donate, click here, you know: just in case you were waiting to see if I actually finished the course or not. Ha!)

I learned a lot, like…I need to get there earlier, in order to get in to a porta-potty BEFORE the race starts.   The lines were INSANE.  Right at the race start, there were like, 10 or 12, and the line for EACH was 20 or 30 people long.  I thought I was going to make it all the way through, but at the halfway point, when I saw the opportunity, I decided to take it…

Thank you to everyone that supported me and my efforts.  I’m planning on trying again next year, and am already working on trying to more comprehensively solve my shin splint problem.

Second, the not fun:  well, there isn’t really anything specific, just…you know…life!  Some days are really quiet and then other days are super busy with stuff out of the house.  I’m in the finish line to the production of South Pacific, and our 2.5 hour rehearsals are stretching to 4 hours…which doesn’t get me home until 10:30/11 PM.

Oh wait.  There is something specific:  Joe had a big bike accident on Friday.  He flipped and landed with the end of either his handlebar or one of the foot pegs (a metal tube) centered right on his belly button.  We were able to get into the clinic right away to get him checked out:  thankfully there was no internal damage, however, we are treating the wound on his belly like a burn.  It’s healing well, and I will spare you the picture that I took for posterity.  It’s just as gross as you can probably imagine.  He couldn’t stand up straight for a day or 2 — that’s a lot of trauma on those poor ab muscles!

Third:  the WIND.

We have had such gorgeous weather all fall — harvest is already finished (they were still working on corn until after Thanksgiving last year…), but this week, Mother Nature has reasserted herself and the wind is crazy-making.

At least it isn’t snowing.  Yet.

And now, it’s time to continue trying to get caught on up work:

I’ve got a cute customer quilt on the frame, but all I really want to do is this:

That is Phoebe Mouse.  Isn’t she stinkin’ cute?  Yes, she still needs legs, a tail and the rest of her dress, but I needed her to have eyes and ears first.

Have a great day!  Don’t get blown away…

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  1. Sonya says:

    I had my own snowman collector quilt on the machine last week — it is only ten years old. I had to unzip it to get back to customer quilts. Would love to see what you end up doing on it.

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