Work Avoidance Monday

I have a quilt on my frame that is kicking my butt. I CANNOT figure out what to do on the outside border and it needs to be done about a week ago. Naturally, I’m calling on all of my work avoidance skills. This is one area in which I am quite talented.

I’ve picked up a cold, which makes it even more difficult to want to do anything more than lie around and moan. And knit. I’m pretty sure I can trace the cold back to counting fundraiser money at school last Wednesday. Five hours of handling cash, checks and order forms: I should have seen this one coming. And used more hand sanitizer.

On a bright note, the sock I started on the way home from Salt Lake City is now done, and I’ve started the toe of its mate. Isn’t it pretty?wpid-IMG_0950-2010-09-13-09-42.jpg
Cocoa was so helpful.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Cocoa approves of your pretty new sock. Now you need to make 4 doggie sized ones. Or a nice doggie sweater for Iowa winters. Did you ask for help for ideas on you quilt borders? Did QNN TV say when your episode will air? No one wants to miss it.

  2. Alicia says:

    I always love seeing your work but just now found the blog. I’m relieved to know you pros get “blocks” too! Today’s been a good day for quilting!

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