Two weeks

The last 2 weeks, in list form:

  1. Pieced, quilted and bound 3 baby quilts (samples for item #3).
  2. Flew to Salt Lake City
  3. Filmed an episode of Quilt It!  The Longarm Quilting Show for (I was a last minute replacement for someone who had to drop out.)
  4. Quilt-shop-hopped my way around the Salt Lake city area with Lynn.
  5. Visited the Great Salt Lake (hmmm.  it was kind of smelly?)
  6. Ate way too much in Salt Lake City (yum)
  7. Saw the movie Inception (really good!)
  8. Flew home (flights were all on time, and nothing went wrong. Yeah!)
  9. Quilted 2 customer quilts (yeah for my IQ! although…I’m now out of customer quilts that can be done by the IQ, so I have to get off my duff and do them…)
  10. Watched my boys start learning the joy of Dungeons & Dragons (thanks to their birthday gift from my sister and her husband.  Suffice it to say they are pretty thoroughly hooked).
  11. Applied for and received an extremely part time job as a piano accompanist for a high school 20 minutes away.  (OMG, I’m crazy, I know.  They are starting rehearsals for South Pacific this week!)
  12. Um…started yet another new sock (I’ve had trouble with my socks, but this one is going well.  Of course, it’s brand-new needles and brand-new yarn that I bought in..yup, Salt Lake City…)
  13. Oh!  Last Saturday was the boys’ first football game of the season:  42-0!  Joe made one touchdown, and Will made about a bazillion awesome tackles.
  14. Started watching episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix.  (Funny!  It took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out that Ron Howard was the narrator.  Now that  I know, it seems so obvious.)
  15. Tried to keep up with my Feather Boot Camp responsibilities.  Flying to SLC put a bit of a cramp in my style, but I think we are back on track, and my students have been very understanding.
  16. And…..tried to keep up with everything required to keep my family clothed, fed, and relatively out of trouble.  Thankfully I have a patient and understanding husband that seems to find my particular brand of insanity charming.  I think I’ll keep him.

Right now, what I really want to do is start a brand-new quilt, after visiting so many quilt shops last week, I have a bunch of ideas buzzing.

Either that, or I might go take a nap.

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