Counting Down: 24 Days

24 Days until I Race for the Cure. (I still have a long way to go on my fundraising goal, if you can help, here’s my personal fundraising page. If you CAN help, I’ll be eternally grateful).

Today’s run/walk: 2.44 miles total, 1.04 running. I had Mark get my bike down — I was afraid I’d hurt myself, if I tried to pull it down. Plus, the tires needed air, and as it turned out, the seat needed to be raised — he had lowered it to let the boys ride on it one time. I didn’t actually decide to ride it today, I find I have to work into the idea of trying something new. Not that the bike is new. Good grief, that thing is…older than the boys, certainly. Actually, I can remember buying it at the Target in Cedar Rapids, so it must have been shortly after we got married — which makes the bike 14-ish. I never did ever ride it very often, gee, I wonder if that’s because I was out of shape back then, too? Or that I get excited about something, only to abandon it shortly thereafter? At any rate, it’s waiting for me to hop on it when I’m ready for it, as a cross-training option.

And…now I’m going to include a really cute picture of one of the boys right after he had gotten his first haircut, in order to distract you from the fact that I don’t have anything else. Wasn’t he cute? Doesn’t Mark look young?

Umm…and because someone’s going to ask, that’s probably Joe, because he was wearing green.


  1. Lynn Douglass says:

    So, have you gotten on that bike yet? After riding one in Yosemite last May, I’ve been wanting to get one. Mine is older than dirt and in terrible shape! If you keep this up, I just might be inspired to get off my duff and start moving!

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