New knitting

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, I chose to start a new project, rather than do something practical (i.e. finish an existing project…)

The yarn is Stars and Stripes Forever by The Painted Tiger.  Isn’t it awesome?  Self-striping yarn is really cool.  I’m doing a pretty simply ripple type pattern because I want the socks to look a bit like a waving flag.  Plus, I have found that I need a little bit of a pattern to keep my interest, straight stockinette all around is not my cup of tea.

The boys just got back from being out at the farm.  There was dirty digging and it’s hot and humid, and they came home wanting a trip to the pool.

For the first time EVER this summer, I decided to throw on my suit and join them.

Except?  Danged pool is closed for a private party.



  1. Linda in TX says:

    Just gotta tell you. I continue to love your blog. You make me laugh – in another move that will surprise no one.

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