Mini-quilt, part 8 (done!)

Sew Fine and Bottom Line threads, quilted on my longarm, freehand, slightly wonky on purpose.

The edge is an applied, single-fold binding, pieced to match up with the piecing on the front, the corner miters were sewn.  It was just as much of a pain in the ass as it sounds.   But effective.    And yes, I did then stitch on top of hte binding multiple times in order to flatten it out.

Two layers of a linen blend batting.  It’s really thin stuff to begin with, even WITH two layers, and with that much stitching, it is very thin, indeed.  I’ll use the linen again, and not quilt it quilt so closely together to see how it drapes.  This little thing doesn’t drape, it flops, but it’s exactly the way I want it.

Now, what’s next?


  1. Karen S says:

    The extra quilting on the binding is BRILLIANT!! ( as I facepalm myself…… I so do not like when a binding is poofy, yet have never thought of more stitching on it) ……..hmmm Not sure I should have admitted that!

  2. Mary L says:

    Looks great! Are you saying you used So Fine on top? I didn’t think that fine of a thread would hold up in a longarm. Guess I am wrong. I have trouble with Masterpiece breaking with my Juki and that isn’t even as fast (at least I don’t run it as fast) as a longarm. Then again I suppose the So Fine is stronger than cotton, right?

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