Making a mini quilt, part 2

To catch up: part one.

I feel like I somehow need to prove that I did the pebbling, but I’ll be honest, one pebble looks like any other, so after this photo, we’re going to have to assume I’m working on the honor system here:

Trust me, those are new pebbles.

Step 2 of my mini quilt: pressing and cutting.  Pressing, because a bunch of the fabric I pulled out was from my strip box and those get pretty mangled.  As I said, it’s not a very big quilt, so that big pile of fabric in the previous post got whittled down to:

Ignore the nasty ironing board cover, please.

I need:

3 cream strips, 2.5 inches wide.  I’ll cut to length later

8 blue strips, 1 inch wide.  Ditto

32 red squares, 3.5 inches, they could be smaller, but I had 3.5 inch strips, so I’ll go with it and cut my HSTs down to size later.

OK, time for more pebbling, and then I have some half-square triangles to make!