Making a mini quilt, part 1

My sewing machine has been underutilized this summer:  it’s only been turned on to

  1. alter several t-shirts
  2. alter 2 of Mark’s work shirts (holes in elbows: now he has 2 new short sleeve shirts…)
  3. do a tiny bit of strip piecing

The longarm has been working, but not the Bernina.  I thought I was going to end that drought last night, but I couldn’t decide what to work on, so I went to bed instead.

Today, though:  I woke up with an idea!!  It’s just a little doll quilt, and while it won’t get quilted today, it should get completely pieced…in between doing some pebble quilting on a quilt.  I can only pebble for so long at a time, and this will be my reward for being a good worker bee.

I have a plan (which I’m not sharing, I don’t want you to see what it is yet…).

I have the fabric:

And in a little while I’ll be back with an update.

Yes, it’s my normal color palette, I figured that I’d go with something super easy that I know well!

But first?  The pebbles are calling me!