First Day of School! Iowa State Fair!

Don’t they look thrilled?

I know I was.  As much as I love them, I need them to go away sometimes.  I’m just having a hard time believing they are in SIXTH grade.  Sheesh.  5 minutes ago they were in kindergarten.

In other news:  a customer e-mailed me a few days ago — her quilt had won a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair!

And on top of that, it got featured in this clip from IPTV (the quilt is about the 50 second mark in the clip):

And in other other news:  the red, white and blue sock I was knitting?   I was really unhappy with how it was turning out, fitwise.  So I frogged it, and am starting over.  It’s funny:  when you quilt, it takes 5 minutes to stitch and hours to frog.  When you knit?  It’s just the opposite:  hours of knitting, unraveled in mere minutes…


  1. Gari says:

    I remember when my twins were in the 6th grade. Now they are 42 and I really can’t believe it. They are currently pictured on my blog.

  2. Linda Card says:

    I saw that video earlier. That is the quilt with the “rust-enhanced” fabric. Very cool. Just curious – do quilters get billing on the quilt tags at the Iowa State Fair? Heard there were over 800 quilts.

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